Spa Therapies

Heavenly Spa Therapies

Abhyanga – Full-body Warm Oil Application
This means “loving hands” and is the systematic and traditional application of herbalized oils specifically catered to your constitution. This lymphatic treatment helps fight off infection and disease, balance hormones and encourage the release of toxins. It is like putting a soothing coat of love all over your body.

Shirodhara – Oil Streaming on the Third Eye
The practitioner pours herbalized oil on your forehead in a continuous stream for several minutes. It assists in curing and preventing headaches, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, hormone imbalance, excess sweating, dimness of vision, hemorrhaging, obesity, etc.
$95 for 1 hour–Take your oil home with you afterwards or $320 for a package of 4 shirodharas

Nasya, Kavalagraha and Karna Purana (Ear, Nose and Throat Treatment)
Nasya is a lovely procedure involving a facial, neck, shoulder and head massage; facial steam therapy followed by application of oils into the nose. It will prevent and treat headaches, gum disease, earaches, dryness of face, premature wrinkling, facial disorders [ticks], jaundice, sinusitis, migraines, epilepsy, facial neuralgia, loss of smell, etc. Kavalagraha is a gargling treatment that eliminates bad breath, dryness of face, dull senses, exhaustion, loss of appetite, loss of taste, impaired sight and sore throats. Karna Purana is the application of warm oil into the ears. It helps to remove excess earwax, earaches, headaches, neck and jaw pain, tinnitus [ringing ears], nervous disorders, hearing loss, itchy ears, etc. The garlic in the oil boosts immunity [helps prevent colds and flu, and sore throats] and the mullein reduces inflammation.

Netra Tarpana – Eye Treatment
This is an eye cleanse which improves sight and heals stiffness, pain and roughness around the eyes. It strengthens the eyes and protects them against the sun’s sharp rays. It is also helpful for glaucoma, ulcerated cornea, inflammation of the eyes and helps to remove particulates or “floaters” that attach themselves to the cornea.
Eye treatment with dough dams – $40

Swedana – Sweat Therapy
This is sweat therapy using the “Steamy Wonder.” The receiver lies on the massage table while steam is funneled into a tent that rests over her/him. The head remains outside of the tent with a cold cloth around the neck to prevent the brain from overheating. This treatment fosters beautiful skin, weight loss, cellulite reduction, detoxification, relief from pain, allergies, asthma, inflammation, sore muscles and more.

Udvartana – Full-Body Herbal Exfoliation
Udvartana is a deeply penetrating herbal paste lymphatic massage. This powerful exfoliating treatment softens and smoothes the skin while moving stagnant lymphatic toxins so they can leave the body. It is helpful to kick-start weight loss.

Pinda – Full-Body Massage with Rice Boluses
This is a luxurious treatment in which the therapist rubs the receiver with rice boluses the size of an orange that are dipped in a blend of coconut milk, milk and saffron. This awakens cellular memory through intense stimulation caused by heat and sweating. It is helpful to treat and prevent M.S., paraplegia and polio. It improves muscle tone, increases circulation, improves complexion, restores vigor, helps move toxins out of muscle and fat tissue, helps move old, deep-seated pitta, relieves stress and regulates appetite and sleep patterns.

Uro Basti – Heart Treatment
This is the placement over the heart of medicated oils into a dough dam. It relieves pain in the sternum and strengthens the physical and emotional heart. It is helpful for those who have lost loved ones or who have grief of any kind.

Kati Basti – Low Back Care
Like the Uro Basti, a dough dam is created over the lower spinal area and filled with warm oil. Kati Basti is used to relieve muscle spasms and rigidity and strengthen bone and nerve tissue in the lower back and legs.

Adrenal Dam
This adrenal treatment uses a dough dam to hold warm oil over the adrenal area, easing the demand on adrenal resources and inducing deep relaxation. The adrenal glands play a significant role in supporting our daily vitality. This treatment reduces stress and anxiety generated in this area of the body.

Thyroid Dam
The thyroid dam uses a dough dam to hold warm oil over the thyroid area. This treatment nourishes and stimulates the thyroid and encourages natural glandular activity.


Navel Basti
This is a dough dam on the abdomen and benefits those suffering from digestive disorders, irritable bowel, colitis and female reproductive disorders.

Leppa – Poultice Therapy
Leppa is an application of an external herbal paste on the skin, which dries and this is removed. Herbal paste applied to affected areas treats pain, heaviness, drowsiness, itching, toxicity, weight gain, fibroids, inflammation, swelling, skin imbalances and more.

Marma therapy/Pranic Healing
Marmas are pressure points on the body that are areas of concentrated prana or life-force energy. Proper massage of these points and light healing touch combine to balance the flow of prana through the muscles, joints and organs of the body. This is a subtle therapy that has delightfully noticeable physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits including proper functioning of all the organs, reduced health problems due to electromagnetic exposure [cell phones, computers, T.V.s, microwaves…], lowered anxiety and depression and increased joy and optimism.
$60 per hour