The Ayurvedic Consultation Process

Assessment appointment
I will discover your health history and gather details about your lifestyle and diet that affect your current state of balance. I will observe your tongue and pulse for diagnostic purposes as well as assess other physical, mental and emotional factors. This appointment is for information gathering and will take 2 hours.

Price is $200 (includes the 1 and a half to 2- hour appointment, 3+ hours of Report of Findings preparation and a month’s supply of a personalized tea blend and spice mix)

Report of Findings Visit
Within 2 weeks after the initial appointment, we will meet for 1 hour in which I will educate you regarding your constitution and current state of health as well as present you with a short and long–term plan to improve your life. I will teach Ayurvedic principles that apply to you in particular. Recommendations will focus most importantly on dietary and daily routine adjustments, but will also include an individualized Ayurvedic herbal formula and ideas for detoxing, Panchakarma treatments, yoga, breath exercises, meditation, aromatherapy and more. I will give you a written document specifying your health plan.
$60 per hour

Follow-up Appointments
These will be one hour long. You will report on the changes that you have made. In the fourth follow–up and beyond I will adjust your plan to accommodate any changes in your health or changes in the environment (such as the seasons). I will add and subtract things from your plan to encourage you to continue to fine–tune your habits and further your progress toward enlightened living.
$60 per hour