Ellie StrandPatricia likes to say I was her first Ayurvedic client. I don’t know about that, but I do know she was thorough, professional and spot-on with her diagnosis and recommendations. That was in 2006. As a western medicine trained Nurse Practitioner, I knew after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that my only hope was a non-traditional approach to health. Patricia helped me understand my body better than before and gave me the tools to help myself heal. We have been together ever since. She was good then, but is even better now. Recently I completed the Pitta e-course. It added immeasurably to the storehouse of knowledge I’ve accumulated about Ayurveda in the past eight years. Anyone contemplating her distance learning Ayurvedic School should not be hesitant. Patricia is a warm and effective educator whose enthusiasm for the subject comes through the ether and pops out the computer screen to catch you, too.
-Ellie Strand in Eau Claire, WI


Diana ColceriuI have met Patricia in a very difficult period of my life, when I felt I needed psychological support–a good therapist who would be able to understand my complex disease (PCOS) and a spiritual guide. In Patricia I found the perfect help, which covered all these aspects, a person of rare sensitivity and empathy, and with a very big heart. She approached my case with high professionalism (I could tell, because I was having already an understanding of Ayurveda) and besides that, I had the feeling that she showed me the path to my own resources. She helped me to activate my own healing power. As soon as I started the Women’s Cleanse and the prescribed treatment, I noticed a big change in my physiology and in about 2-3 months almost all symptoms were gone and I enjoyed a great balance (also hormonal, which was my purpose). Besides that, Patricia helped me to have a clearer picture of my life, my goals, my dreams, which then miraculously started to come true, step by step.
Always when I think of Patricia, I get a state of calm and love, and I truly believe she would make a wonderful teacher, that´s why I support her wish wholeheartedly and pray for a beautiful realization of her online school.
-Diana Colceriu in Karlsruhe, Germany


ElizabethI joined the spring online group to help me stay inspired and focused on health and well-being during the season of spring! What I enjoyed most were the recipe ideas, guided meditations and worksheets that were emailed to our inboxes to read through at our leisure on topics of great interest and importance to me in my life, such as emotional and spiritual contemplation/journaling/healing. I feel a sense of ease and loving-kindness communicating and corresponding with Patricia. I look forward to participating in the fun and exciting projects offered in the near future! There are great practices to learn about and incorporate into daily routine that make a lasting impact when revisited again and again. It’s a journey and what a joyful and engaging one it can be when guided and encouraged! Many thanks for all the precious light and loving energy poured forth to aid myself and many in realizing our full range of positive, purposeful, possibilities! 🙂
-Elizabeth Jarvis in Corpus Christi, TX


BeckyI followed Patricia on Facebook for a year, and I finally decided to schedule an appointment when I saw that a friend really liked her. It was hard for me to find the time since I work full time and had a young baby at the time. I made time to go to her to find relief from tight muscles and overall stress. The first treatment I received was an abhyanga (warm oil massage). I liked it so much that I had Ayurvedic consultations and several other spa treatments. Through working with Patricia, I have learned how to reduce stress in my life. I love that her approach is very nonjudgmental and nurturing. I have recommended her to a lot of people because I think everyone should enjoy the benefits of her treatments and knowledge. She is the only person I would trust to do spa treatments on me during my first trimester of my second pregnancy because she emphasizes safety in all of her therapies.
-Becky Trantham in San Antonio, TX


JoyceI enrolled in a class at the Yoga Center in Eau Claire when I was recovering from colon cancer. When Patricia became an instructor there, I signed up for a beginning Yoga class where we focused on “breath.” Patricia not only increased my awareness of the spiritual and physical importance of breath, but taught me to love and relax my soft scarred belly and to BREATHE with joy and gratitude and peace. I enjoyed her often warm and whimsical, but professional methodology so much that I asked for an individualized class where I could maintain/increase my strength and flexibility. She designed for me a yoga routine that flowed, felt good and was a little challenging. For the past few years, I have carried that practice with me wherever I go. Hotel rooms. Travel stops. Family reunions for entertaining great nephews and nieces. My favorite spot? My backyard under a Maple tree next to the pines on the first warm Wisconsin spring mornings. As I “inhale awe” and “exhale gratitude,” I give thanks for many things, and tucked away in my thoughts is Patricia Wickman for the gifts she shares…
-Joyce Anderson in Eau Claire, WI


Colleen in ChinaI started Patricia’s restorative class after my dad died very suddenly and unexpectedly from a massive heart attack. Someone suggested Patricia’s class as I was struggling with my grief. In the time after my dad’s death, I was looking for a way to calm my mind and stay in the present. I kept ruminating on a future without my dad and what that meant for my mom, siblings, and me. It was a really sad time in my life. At first, my class time was just a release from my grief and sadness. Over time, I learned how to breathe, calm my mind, and use various movements to release tension in my body. I have used that knowledge over the course of the last few years as I experienced other losses and challenges in my life. I love how Patricia’s classes integrate the mind and the body. She combines the meditative aspects of yoga with deep knowledge of how the body works. In conveying that knowledge, she teaches you how to care for yourself. Patricia is such a talented teacher that all levels can find something in her teaching. If you are a beginner, you will feel safe and supported. If you have been doing yoga for a while you will feel challenged and will learn. I also love how every class she would ask her students what we wanted to work on. Patricia has a gift for helping others heal. I have never met anyone else like her.
-Colleen Marchwick in Eau Claire, WI


LuciaI was seeking optimum health when I first went to Patricia for Ayurvedic consultations, private yoga lessons and body therapies. I had read about Ayurveda many years ago, and was reminded of it when I met a practitioner in another state. I was tired of trying different diets to lose weight, just to gain it back. I want the rest of my life to be healthy and active, not burdened with osteoporosis and the common illnesses of aging. I was looking for clarity as I prepare to move into the last, and most exciting, phase of my life. Ayurveda is about balance, knowing your constitution and bringing it into balance for perfect health. I needed help achieving and maintaining calmness and clarity in a stressful job while preparing for retirement. I wanted tools for maintaining the best quality of life possible. I learned what my innate constitution is, how best to nourish myself with food and herbs, exercise and meditation to bring myself into balance. I found a level of relaxation and calm I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I feel much more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. I also made a new friend. Patricia truly listens and responds to my needs. She has a very calm, loving and warm demeanor and total acceptance of who I am. She gently guides without giving negative feedback. She helped me see what I could do for myself, without pills or crazy regimes, to find balance. Everyone needs that! I look forward to studying with her as she begins her online school of Ayurveda. I have read and practiced many different nutrition/lifestyle methods over my 60 years. Ayurveda provides everything a person needs to take charge of their own health and be the person they are meant to be! I plan to incorporate Ayurveda into my life as much as possible, as well as into my next career after I leave the Air Force.
-Lucia More in San Antonio, TX


AnneAfter going back to school online, I felt that my muscles were starting to tighten up everywhere due to a lot of sitting. My eating habits were suffering too. I went to Patricia seeking weight control and flexibility. I have been pretty hesitant to get involved in any exercise program that might prove extreme. I have always seen yoga as something done by people who can move their bodies in an amazingly flexible wave and I feared that I would look foolish in comparison to other class members. I take weekly yoga class from Patricia and I went through panchakarma in the spring of 2014. I am getting ongoing benefits from each yoga class as we focus on different aspects of our physical and mental well-being. The panchakarma was an amazing renewing experience from which I gained great insight as well as cleansed my system and reset my metabolism.
I love that I never feel that Patricia is conducting what I call “competitive yoga.” She always encourages us to honor where our own bodies are with respect to the movements we are doing. It keeps the class relaxing and inspiring rather than stressful. No one needs to be afraid that what Patricia guides us to do is beyond our ability. The classes are one-size-fits-all, meaning that inexperienced yoginis can work alongside gurus and both can be working at their own pace and benefit greatly from the same exercises. I really appreciate Patricia!
-Anne Taylor in Helotes, TX


FredI first found Patricia when I was searching for a very special spa day as a present for a friend. Did I ever strike gold when I stumbled on Patricia! Not only were her Ayurvedic treatments the perfect thing for my friend, but Patricia herself just exuded a special quality of insight, caring and spiritual magic, even over the phone. Although I tried to sign up for a couple of workshops with Patricia, they didn’t work out, so I never met Patricia (except for continuing contact over the phone which was still magical) until I finally broke down and got myself my own Ayurvedic treatment package, which was wonderful. So I tried a Panchakarma, which was challenging but perhaps life-altering (a good thing). I would recommend Patricia to anyone. I will be working with her forever, and I can’t imagine a better person for…..well, I just can’t imagine a better person.
-Fred Rush in San Antonio


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatricia’s gentle yoga classes drew me in. She introduced me to yoga philosophy and the core concept that our natural state of being is health. As she shared her Ayurvedic studies with us, I got the chance to study the doshas and seasonal balancing. To address some of my own health concerns, I met for one-on-one yoga and Ayurvedic consultations, which resulted in pacifying symptoms ranging from skin irritation and shifting to more joy and less intensity in life (Pitta) to less lymph stagnation (Kapha) to more balanced thinking (Vata) and ease in my shoulders. Over more than six years, I met with Patricia several times a year, whenever I felt out of balance. Our sessions included Patricia listening, checking in with my current concerns, discussing current habits and recommendations to bring everything back into balance. Slowly I have incorporated those things that nourish me using food choices, environment, meditation, mantra, yoga, herbs and Ayurvedic treatments. The Ayurvedic treatments feel healing and oh so indulgent. I feel supported and safe in the loving, competent hands of Patricia. My journey with Patricia and Ayurveda has left me feeling empowered with better understanding of myself and the simple ways I can contribute to my own health. I’ve recommended Patricia to family members (to address insomnia and anxiety) and friends because I know they can only benefit from her attention and understanding.
-Kathy McAlister in Eau Claire, WI


Mom and I at CiniI love the way Patricia has brought Ayurveda to our family. A basic knowledge of this way of life has brought awareness to us of the improvements that we can make in the way we eat, sleep, and exercise–things that are right under our noses. Whether we are in the pink of things or suffering through a terrible loss (as in my case with the loss of our son and brother Anthony to cancer), we can improve in small ways or even big ways our quality of life by making changes in the way we breathe, even. I’ve been to several of Patricia’s introduction classes about Ayurveda and each time I learn something that is life improving or that could even be life saving. I’m so thankful for what she has given to me and what she offers to each one of us in our family.
-Madeline Quayle in South Jordan, UT (Patricia’s mom)


Sally and EdwinAfter meeting Patricia in one of her yoga classes I was immediately struck by her peaceful presence and sincere nature. She talked a little about ayurveda as a sister science to yoga and I knew I would be interested in learning more about it. Like many other women, I was dealing with a few hormonal imbalances and when I was ready to start my family I made an appointment with Patricia to go over my history and learn how to balance my body and prepare for conception. I had an amazing experience. I did an ayurvedic women’s cleanse for 3 months and in my 4th month, I conceived my first child! My husband and I were thrilled that we did not need to seek out infertility treatments and were able to conceive naturally, with just a little help from gentle herbs, teas, and dietary changes. I had a wonderful pregnancy and a very happy and healthy little boy! I am now pregnant with my second child and continue to use tea recipes that I learned from Patricia. She was always quick to send me healing recipes and help me gain confidence as a woman and a mother. I have recommended her to several close friends because I truly believe in Ayurveda and her knowledge and gentle approach to working with clients.
-Sally Mae Meyer in Eau Claire, WI


Nic HandahlDear Patricia,

I am writing to say thank you. Your direct guidance and indirect influence have been sources of stability and have proven themselves a tireless companion on the unending journey of rediscovery. I am grateful to have these tools: aspects of the breath, a method of celebrating the sun (which is strongly tied to my memory of my father) and the experience building reverence and acquaintance with the word which begins all prayers and sounds in all expression of God on Earth–the rivers, the wind, the creaking trees, skittering animals and in the eyes, smiles, embraces and memories of all souls. Namaste.
-Nic Handahl in Brooklyn, NY


RoxanneI have been one of Patricia’s students for over a year and am truly grateful to have her as one of my yoga teachers! She is a kind and caring person–beautiful both inside and out. You can see the passion and love she has for teaching and her students. I’ve learned so much about my body and how certain poses/pose sequences can address specific body organs and or health issues. She also emphasizes the importance of being kind to your body and mindful in your practice. She never asks students to do more than they can. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Patricia also shares this knowledge through book readings, healthy recipes and making personalized herbal tea blends (my favorite)! Come join Patricia’s community and be ready to nurture your mind, body and spirit!
-Roxanne Beavers in San Antonio, TX


Erin Lab picI was having stomach issues and muscle pain in my back that lasted for 10 years–even with medical treatment. My sister convinced me to see Patricia for an Ayurveda consultation. I was very happy with the results. I have also had several ayurvedic body therapies, which alleviated my severe muscle pain and tightness. Patricia even agreed to a last minute appointment when the pain was interfering with my abilities to sleep and work.
-Erin Morgan in San Marcos, TX



Carol ParkerI was having a spate of unspecified auto-immune issues including problems with digestion and inflammation. From the first consultation, Patricia impressed me with her thorough, yet gentle, line of inquiry about, not only my symptoms, but also the potential stressors in my lifestyle. Her ayurvedic assessment and food recommendations were life enhancing! She generously and enthusiastically set about to facilitate my personal health goals. I can’t imagine where I would be without her support, knowledge, and genuine caring.
-Carol Parker in Traverse City, MI


Sheila DippreyI was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I was desperate to find a natural alternative to the standard medications and the side effects of them. By some stroke of luck or divine intervention, I met Patricia Wickman. Her initial consultation and analysis got me on the right track with ayurvedic natural methods, herbs and products that helped me navigate a new way to control my symptoms and buy me some time as well as forever change my unhealthy lifestyle. She also patiently and compassionately educated me on diet and different procedures that helped calm my anxiety, rigidity and depression. Patricia’s ayurvedic methods, body therapies and yoga continue to enhance my life. Patricia Wickman’s in-depth knowledge, wisdom and healing touch continues to be invaluable to my well-being and a true blessing.
-Sheila Dipprey in San Antonio, TX


MichaelaLast year, I wanted to try the monodiet and consulted Patricia. She very graciously and generously shared her knowledge and expertise with me, sending me information, recipes, links etc., everything I needed to get started. Working with Patricia is always an uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring experience. I launched the monodiet and it went excellently. I felt very well and even liberated. In addition to being an inspiring example, Patricia is very knowledgable, personable, caring, understanding, encouraging, gracious, and professional.
-Michaela Cottle in Provo, UT


VidaI first found out about Patricia from my yoga teacher who new about Patricia’s visit to Utah. I so enjoyed my first class with her, that I decided to go to another before she left town. Then I met with her the next year she came to Utah and have tried to see her whenever she comes. I got to go through panchakarma with Patricia one summer and I wish I could do it every year. Patricia is very knowledgeable in Ayurveda and almost made me want to become a practitioner myself. It seems our world is so caught up in busyness that we ignore our health and only try to do something about it when we need rescuing because we have neglected ourselves for too long. I love how Ayurveda teaches you to get in balance so that disease does not want to exist in your body. My health concerns were that I have a family history of diabetes, obesity and heart disease and I don’t want to die prematurely like my parents did. I had no hesitation in reaching out to Patricia because I trusted her. I liked that she came from the same background as me and had found a better way to navigate chronic health issues than modern medicine typically addresses. I have recommended some friends as well as my husband and daughter to see Patricia and they have both enjoyed their visits with her. I regularly enjoy the herbal teas she provides and I ordered one of her dosha specific teas for some friends for Christmas last year and they loved it!
-Vida Cannon in South Jordan, Utah


Leticia VargasThe universe drew me to Patrice. I was in the point in my life that I needed to find something more and I kept wanting to know more about ayurvedic healing. The emotions became stronger until I was able to find a practitioner in San Antonio. I initially did a consult and then did treatments. I have to say that her marma and abhyanga treatments are incredible. I am a total body work expert. I’m up to trying everything at least once. This fall I had the privilege of going to Miraval Resort. I took the Ultimate Ayurvedic Experience and an Ayurvedic course and I was deeply disappointed. Patricia is a World Class practitioner. I am hopeful to be able to attend her online Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor training which I would very much like to incorporate in my medical clinical practice.
-Leticia Vargas in San Antonio, TX


AlejandroBack in 2008 I was seeing a Chinese Medicine Practioner for health issues that needed to be rebalanced . Through the acupuncture and chinese medicine along with her recommendations my constitution began to restore itself. The information that was a turning point was my introduction to Ayurveda. Know thyself is the only way to liberation. I attended workshops and online webinars on Ayurveda through the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Lad, who is the head of this wonderful place talks about Ayurveda’s importance through integration. Information is empowering and the principles of Ayurveda empower us to be a better expression of our divinity. My family health history and my struggle to overcome the beliefs and conditions inspired me to share this with others. Before Patricia arrived in San Antonio, there were no Ayurvedic Practitioners. My prayers were answered when Patricia and I met. My first conversation with her revealed a passionate person rooted deep in a spiritual foundation of Truth and I could feel the healing balm of her practice. I sensed she would be an instrument for the integration of Ayurveda in San Antonio. Patricia facilitated my first panchakarma two years ago. I experienced a care and love that was beyond my human understanding. As Patricia held the space for me, I was guided to trust myself in letting go of the ideas and beliefs that held me in the cycle of stagnation. The healing therapies were enriching and therapeutic, done in a professional manner with great compassion. The Universal Love poured itself through her. I felt a shift and have continued to see and understand the roles I assign food through my emotion and mental expression. The panchkarma experience continues to be a template of how I can improve my relationship with myself. My body image was shifted. The abhyanga (full-body application of warm dosha-specific herbal oil) along with the prayers and mantras left a seal of love that I carry with me. Patricia’s practice has inspired me to deepen my practice as I continue to better understand myself and my relationship with the whole. I feel Ayurveda is important in this day and time for there are many questions and fears that are disempowering people. Many, not having an awareness, yet proceed with radical choices that have contradicting and compromising experiences and effects. Medical doctors are needed, but I see an integration as Ayurveda moves forward and is more available because of those who understand it and share the information in a manner that people can grasp. We are only as healthy as our environment and its inhabitants. A school will have a great impact by empowering people through education. I am grateful for Patricia Wickman and her courage to share this information of Ayurveda and its history and philosophy.

-Alejandro Sifuentes in San Antonio, TX


Stephanie MackeyI am uncertain how I heard about Patricia, but in finally meeting her, I discovered a serene and patient person that I felt an immediate connection with. She walked me through my screening and really tried to get down to the root of my issues. It was a very intense experience, and very thorough. She patiently explained the doshas and what my Ayurvedic constitution is. I am still in the process of learning and healing with Patricia’s advise and remedies, but I feel like I am on my way to finding peace. She is truly a great guide.
-Stephanie Mackey in Mico, TX



Ellen DovreThe first time I met Patricia was in her group yoga class. Her bright spirit and authenticity caught my attention and made me want to return for more. I began to sign up for workshops and semi private yoga sessions. Patricia has a wealth of knowledge about the body and spirit and a contagious enthusiasm to share her knowledge with others. Patricia is very intuitive. She would be able to determine the yoga postures or Ayurvedic treatment that was just what I needed to return to to a higher level of functioning. At times I would arrive to a session feeling very vulnerable and depleted. Patricia could identify what would be most beneficial. With her kindness and gentleness, she would guide me back, restoring my health and well-being. Patricia’s abhyanga treatment is one of my favorites. I was attending a college reunion shortly after receiving one of these oil massage treatments. I had several people tell me that I looked radiant. I felt radiant, thanks to Patricia. I have brought my mother, brother, husband, and children to Patricia’s classes. My whole family has found her unique teaching style to be most delightful. Her words stay with you long after her teachings.
-Ellen Dovre in Eau Claire, WI


SandraWhen Patricia appeared in Eau Claire in 2006 and came to the Yoga Center of Eau Claire to see about teaching a class for us, I could see immediately that she was very present with each person she spoke to. Her students quickly loved her and returned faithfully to her classes. Her sunny disposition, clear instruction, and gentle presence are a wonderful combination in a teacher. Just being in her presence, one comes to feel that everything is just as it should be. When Patricia completed her Ayurvedic training, she brought herself to this work with the same energy and clarity with which she taught yoga. She truly loves bringing the goodness of yoga and Ayurveda to people.
-Sandra Helpsmeet in Eau Claire, WI



Mark Ring 2Patricia has led me in both private and group yoga sessions for several years. Her expertise in Ayurveda and Yoga has helped heal injures and improve my overall health. For example, Patricia led me through panchakarma, which is a gentle, rejuvenating and cleansing therapy. Without boring you with too much detail: following that therapy I lost 8 pounds. I quit eating chocolate covered almonds! Plus, I no longer smoke cigars!!! We’ll discuss my addiction to coffee another time. If you are looking for a holistic, natural, and gentle path to improve your health and well-being I strongly urge you to contact Patricia at Radiant Living Yoga and Ayurveda. There is no hard sell, no membership requirements. Patricia is a special person who is genuinely concerned for her clients. You just have to meet her to see that what I say is true.
-Mark Ring in Robbinsdale, MN



LoriIt took me a year to get the courage up to join a yoga class. I had a lot of fear because I did not know if I was capable enough. After a lot of research, I joined Patricia’s gentle yoga class. I chose gentle yoga due to having a cervical fusion and no experience. I went into this thinking I would get into shape. What I didn’t know was how much I would actually gain. That was 14 months ago and during this time I have found I am very capable! I also have a history with stomach ulcers and have gained so much knowledge in the way my body works. I had taken a medication for years and have been able to completely stop this medicine and have stopped seeing my chiropractor altogether. Learning breathing techniques and stress relief has made a tremendous change in my life! Patricia, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me!
-Lori Flowers in San Antonio, TX