Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation)

Panchakarma means “Five Sense Therapies.” These are ancient practices from India to clean and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. The therapies are sacred and transformative, helping us achieve greater wholeness, happiness and vitality.

Basic Panchakarma
Enjoy a whole foods, vegetarian – or mostly vegetarian – diet for eight days. Your Ayurvedic Practitioner will design your meal plan. During the course of treatment you will perform various gentle cleansing practices to bring “ama,” or toxins, into their site of origin [the digestive tract]. Some examples of toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, preservatives, environmental pollutants, parasites, processed/refined/canned/boxed foods, refined sugar, trans-fatty acids, non-organic foods, leftovers, artificial sweeteners, chlorinated tap water, soda, caffeine, highly acidic foods, alcohol, MSG, etc.

On the first four at-home days of the cleanse, you will take ghee in increasing amounts to suppress your appetite and then castor oil to purge toxins from and improve functioning of the villi in your small intestine. This will help you absorb nutrients from your food more efficiently and thin your bile so that you can better metabolize fats. On the last three days, you will experience Ayurvedic rejuvenative therapies with your practitioner. Descriptions of these therapies are in this document. In the evening of the last three days you will perform nourishing and cleansing enemas to feed and moisturize your colon. You will let go of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impurities, creating a space for healing, optimism and longevity. Studies show that people continue to detox for up to three months after panchakarma.

Panchakarma should be avoided in the following cases:
– Lactation
– Menstruation
– Pregnancy
– Active cancer
– Extreme obesity
– Hypertension
– Congestive heart failure
– Angina pectoris [chest pain] – Emaciation
– Any infectious disease

Benefits of panchakarma:
– Eliminates toxins that cause diseases
– Brings you back to your ideal balance of the doshas
– Increases glow and luster of the skin
– Strengthens the immune system
– Reverses the effects of stress and aging in mind and body
– Enhances one’s strength, energy, vitality as well as mental clarity and alertness
– After the toxins are flushed out of the system, one feels deep relaxation, lightness and a sense of well-being
– Helps the body to heal itself, thus reducing dependency on herbs and medicines
– Reduces dependence on alcohol, tobacco, coffee and drugs
– Helps one to make positive and beneficial lifestyle changes
– Aids weight loss for those wishing to lose weight and adds weight to those who need to gain
– Alleviates sinusitis
– Alleviates paralysis
– Relieves joint pain
– Alleviates back ache
– Increases fertility

Panchakarma Services

Basic Panchakarma includes a consultation with your Ayurvedic Practitioner, instructions on the at-home portion of the cleanse and seven hours of an individualized selection of rejuvenative therapies.

New clients must go through the $200 assessment process before going through panchakarma.

Supplies such as your personalized loose leaf tea blend, spice mix, herbal and or plain ghee, triphala, tongue scraper, medicated massage oil and castor oil are charged separately if they are provided by the practitioner.

All treatment products are high quality and food grade with no preservatives, synthetic fragrance or other questionable ingredients. The oils and herbs are all organic.