Private Yoga

Yoga/Somatic Education

We will meet for at least four sessions and hopefully continue meeting seasonally to check in with one another. The four sessions are ordered somewhat like the following:

1. In the initial assessment I will:

  • Review your answers to the questionnaire that I will have given to you and received prior to your first visit.

  • Use various diagnostic strategies to determine the direction to go when designing your personalized yoga routine.

  • Take into consideration classic Viniyoga concepts such as whether or not you would benefit from an active, strength-promoting therapy or a pacifying and relaxing routine (or a little of both).

  • Take your pulse and look at your tongue so that I can also honor your Ayurvedic constitution when designing your personal yoga practice.

  • Include in your routine a focus on your particular healthcare needs, taking into account your digestive patterns, your tension areas, your weak areas and even subtler aspects such as thought patterns and emotional/spiritual considerations.

  • Begin guided breath inquiry and I will ask you to keep a journal of your breath observations.

2. Follow-up visit one: I will review your breath journal and we will continue with guided breath inquiry and then add movement to the breath.
3. Follow-up visit two: I will present a printed rough draft of your personalized yoga routine including pictures and details for each posture, breath exercise, mantra, etc.
4. Final visit: I will record this visit as I guide you through your routine. Within a week I will give you a recording of your routine.

$240.00 Four-consultation package
$70.00 One-hour additional follow-up visits or $240 for a four-consultation package and an link to an audio redording of your personalized routine
$20 for a DVD of your routine

Please contact me if you have further questions.