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Consultations with Patricia & Co.

“These things we warmly wish for you: someone to love, some work to do, a bit o’sun, a bit o’ cheer, and a guardian angel always near.” 

Irish Blessing

Online Ayurveda School


Online Ayurveda School
Online Ayurveda School
Online Ayurveda School
Online Ayurveda School

Our Adventure

The Guardian Angels of the Radiant Living Online School of Āyurveda are now enrolling unstudents who are ready for our recreational, non-self improvement (but Self-care) summer unschool. We will be your super sherpas as you educate yourself on how the core concepts of Āyurveda apply specifically to YOU. Have you ever heard or read Sanskrit terms like prakṛti (constitution), vikṛti (current state of balance), doṣa (elemental composition), dhātu (tissue), srotas (channel), agni (digestive fire), āma (toxins), cakra (wheel of light) and wanted to learn what these terms mean for your own body, mind and spirit well-being? Meet weekly or every other week (see specifics below) in our online classroom–or in person–with the intern of your choice as well as other angels who are available to meet online at the time you designate. Radiant Living’s exceptionally talented mentors (read about them below) will supervise the interns’ work in between your appointments. In our radiant unschool, the number of teachers outweighs the student so you feel supported in a hammock of lovingkindness. ***If summer leisure does not currently resonate and you need our tour guidance for imbalance or disease management, we are ready to jump in your canoe and paddle with you for a spell.***
Ayurveda Consultation Online
Online Ayurveda School

Āyurvedic Summer Orientation

Skilled outdoorswomen and men understand the wisdom of preparation and awareness. Summertime is generally when individuals with prominent Kapha dosha experience relief from the spring melt of sluggish earth and water that flows in the form of mucusy drainage from the body like snow melting off a mountain. Pitta-predominant people feel the fire burning and experience peak aggravation and potential wildfires during the most sizzling days. Manifestations of pitta imbalance include skin irritations, heat-induced headaches, hot digestion (loose BMs), inflammation and irritability. Vāta-predominant humans love the heat, but because of their sensitive nature, thrive in the 75-85 degree window–think fresh alpine breeze with plenty of sunshine. Late summer for Vāta types brings anticipation of the transition to fall when dry skin and joints, aches and pains and anxiety begin to rear their heads. Regardless of your constitution, using the “law of opposites” to smoothly sync with the seasons produces simple serenity, alleviation of symptoms and reversal of or palliation for disease. Please note that these are textbook examples. In real life, it is possible to experience aggravation of a doṣa (or two–or three) in any season. 

Ayurveda Consultation Online With Patricia

What is Unschooling?

Unschooling is an educational philosophy that advocates student-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. Students learn through natural life experiences including:
  • Play
  • Household responsibilities
  • Personal interests and curiosity
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Books
  • Elective classes
  • Family
  • Mentors and
  • Social interaction
Online Ayurveda School

Meet your Angel Sherpas!

Online Ayurveda School

Beginner Hike

Online Ayurveda School

4 Private Classes in 8 Weeks

Email Radiant Living
to register with an intern
Early Bird with
Intern & Supervisor
After June 7th
with Intern & Supervisor
Early Bird with Patricia $400

After June 7th with Patricia $450

Intermediate Hike

Online Ayurveda School
7 or 12 Private Classes in 3 Months
Choose between weekly half hour appointments
or one hour hikes every other week.
Email Radiant Living
to register with an intern and supervisor
Early Bird – Intern & Supervisor
$475 full payment
$170 per month
After June 7th – Intern & Supervisor
$500 one-time payment
$185 per month
Early Bird with Patricia – full payment $750

After June 7th – three monthly payments $275

Online Ayurveda SchoolAfter June 7th with Patricia – full payment $800

After June 7th with Patricia – three monthly payments  $300

Intermediate Hike

Online Ayurveda School

Endurance curriculum to introduce returning Radiant Living hikers to a new mountain trail

Choose the 4-class or the 7/12-class excursion
Email Radiant Living to register
with an intern and supervisor or with Patricia
Same prices apply

Separate Fee

Expeditioners have the option, with the approval of their intern supervisor, to take a custom-fit Āyurvedic herbal formula–designed by the supervisor–to support the healing of specific symptoms such as stubborn weight, high blood sugar, pain, inflammation, skin problems, allergies, respiratory issues, hormone imbalance, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue/low energy, autoimmune and other conditions. The price depends on the types of herbs and recommended dosage. Hikers will make all payments for herbal compounds to the Radiant Living pharmacist. Estimate for a one-month supply $25-$35 plus shipping