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Intermediate Hike Plan

7 or 12 Private Checkpoints in 3 months

  1. Difference Between 7 and 12 checkpoints
    • After you meet at basecamp and gather your commissary provisions with the beginning hikers (intake and report of findings appointments), then you have your choice of five 1-hour hikes every other week or ten 30-minute weekly hikes (same day and time every week).
  2. Pack your Backpack – at Home Preparation
    • Complete registration documents (forms) 24-48 hours in advance of meeting with your guide
    • Read eBook introduction
      • History and philosophy of Āyurveda
      • The Five Elements
      • The 3 Doṣas
      • The Four Aims of Life
      • Sankalpa – Planting the Seed Intention
  3. Meet at Basecamp – appointment #1
    1. Initial 2-hour assessment to discover your body, mind and spirit through the lense of Āyurveda
    2. Receive health screening: Pulse, tongue, urine, skin, nails, etc. observation
  4. Activities Before Next Rendez-Vous: Set up Your Cabin
    • Tank up: Enjoy a couple of the following:
      • Go camping
      • Make a mess hall of your kitchen and enjoy Āyurvedic grub
      • Leisure read
      • Breathe
      • Forest bathe
      • Sit still
      • Practice yoga āsana
      • Swim
      • BE with friends and family
    • eBook reading and worksheets
      • Prakṛti, Vikṛti and Clinical Vikṛti
      • The 10 pairs of opposing qualities
      • The 6 tastes
      • Keep a sustenance log for at least one day
  5. Gather Commissary Provisions – appointment #2
    • Flag ceremony: Meet at the ranger station for your 1-hour “Report of Findings” non-class for a big-picture, customized Āyurvedic excursion plan
    • Begin sipping your personalized herbal tea and using your spice mix as soon as you receive it (2-month supply plus shipping included in the price of the hike)
    • Optional: Start taking your customized herbal compound daily if your angels’ supervisor has created one for you. This is a separate fee not included in the price of the hike. The estimated cost is $25-$35 per month and the fees go to our pharmacist.
    • Study the Trail Map
      • Create a 1-week victual plan using eBook recipes
      • Agni: the camp fire of life
      • Digestion
      • Āma: Toxins that cause imbalance and disease
      • The 3 Malas: Visiting the outhouse or brown blazing
      • Personalized Tea and Spice Mix Education
  6. Scenic Outlook – appointment #3
    1. Discuss eBook exploration
    2. Review and troubleshoot recommendations
    3. Observe effects of the hike
    4. Celebrate checkpoints
    5. eBook reading assignment for fourth appointment
      1. Dinacharyā: Daily Routine
      2. Viharā: Lifestyle
  7. Scenic Outlooks – appointments #4-6 or 4-10
    • Discuss eBook assignments and how the concepts apply to you
      • The subdoṣas
      • The seven tissues
      • The thirteen channels
      • Causes of imbalance
      • Stages of disease
      • Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – Āyurveda and Mental Health
      • Prāṇa, Tejas, Ojas
    • eBook reading assignment for last appointment – create your own final adventure
      • Prānayama (Breathing Practices)
      • Meditation
      • DIY Ayurvedic Diagnostics: Pulse, Tongue, Urine, Eyes, Nails, Face, etc.
      • Āyurvedic Yoga Therapy
      • Āyurvedic Aromatherapy
      • Visual Therapy – Color, Gems, Yantra
      • Āyurvedic Sound Therapy – music, mantra, etc.
      • Āyurvedic Skin Care
      • Āyurveda and Fertility
      • Perinatal Āyurveda
      • Āyurveda For Kids
      • Āyurveda For Specific Disease Management
      • Menopause
      • Hormones
      • Other
  8. Final Powwow – appointment #7 or #12
    • Discuss eBook exploration
    • Review and troubleshoot recommendations
    • Observe effects of the hike
    • Celebrate the summit
    • Revisit initial intention
    • Select final eBook assignment for post unschool
    • Discuss plans for graduate unschooling
    • Fire ungraduation ceremony
      • Write one letter to yourself to burn
      • Write one letter to yourself to open next summer
    • Bid farewells until next time and go home to bathe and sleep in your own bed

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