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Guest Teacher

Dr. Rucha Kelkar, BAMS, MPT

Dr. Kelker is the director of AyurblissTM-Ayurveda Wellness for Mind, Body and Spiritual Health. She received her graduate degree from University of Pune, India and secured a top rank in all academic years of her Ayurvedic education. She is also a licensed physical therapist and has a master’s degree in physical therapy from California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Kelkar is initiated into Kriya Yoga Meditation, is a Reiki healer and also conducts meditation classes. She is a teacher for leading Ayurveda schools in the United States. She is also a writer for various Ayurvedic magazines and journals and has been a featured presenter at the NAMA Conference on multiple occasions. Dr Rucha practices Ayurveda in the San Mateo, Foster City area of Northern California.

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