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Kathy McAlister

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Current AHC Intern and AP Student

Studying with Patricia has transformed my life–first as a yoga student 10 years ago, then as an Ayurvedic client and now as a student of Ayurveda. Contact with Patricia is like a soothing balm: gentle reassurance that health is within reach and is our natural state in fact, and that there are simple practices each of us can implement to get there. I am so excited to be integrating my understanding of both the Western and Ayurvedic perspectives on how the human body, mind and spirit moves away from health and can return to it. The course of study is rigorous. There is so much to learn! Ayurvedic theories, daily practices, food choices, anatomy, physiology, herbs, pulse reading, tongue landscape and more. Ayurvedic body therapies also assist in bringing the doshas back into balance. We are reminded that Ayurveda unfolds as you practice it and share it with others.Bringing your attention to Ayurveda with Patricia will begin to work on you in ways you cannot imagine, benefiting your family, friends and clients and opening new horizons for growth and healing and joy. If you get very quiet and listen, you will feel either an urge to take up this path or hesitation. Listen to your inner wisdom. That’s what I’ve learned studying with Patricia.

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