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Leticia Vargas–OBGYN, AHC Student

I came to find Ayurvedic medicine through illness. Other than being overweight, which I have been since age 5, I have been healthy all my life. I grew up being very active and doing whatever I wanted. I danced, did triathlons, did cross fit and then when my career became too busy, I came into my “40’s” feeling huge changes in my body. I was getting injured more frequently, keeping me inactive for longer periods. I was eating more processed on-the-go foods. I was sleeping less and feeling stressed out all the time. I’m an OBGYN so the hours are unpredictable.
I had a viral infection I couldn’t shake and then I developed psoriasis: “Textbook plaque psoriasis” the Dermatologist says. “Subclinical hypothyroidism and insulin resistance” states the Internist, to the person who up to this point has never taken a pill or vitamin in her life. I was in shell shock. The treatment was steroids and lifestyle change or more meds.  I was a hot mess. At this time, I was searching food as medicine and then that is when Ayurveda kept coming into my awareness. I looked for a place in San Antonio and at that time there was no one practicing here.  I was guided to Patricia miraculously by dialing a wrong number.  She had recently moved here and was starting her practice. She took her time in my initial consultation as I answered her questions. She guided me initially to certain treatments to use with herbs and teas and introduced me to the 3 doshas.  I was quickly fascinated. Her body treatments are phenomenal. I combine marma treatments and abhyanga.She asked me if I was interested in joining her class and honestly I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It is a whole new world of medicine in its approach to combining mind/body/spirit.  Many times my brain was amazed about the things I would learn from Patricia and the other participants in the class. Patricia is meticulous and well prepared to teach her course. She keeps to her curriculum as presented and gives us the information we need to know. She brings in experts into the class that enhance the experience and help us further understand topics at hand.  She is honest, gentle and makes one feel at peace just being in her presence. When I put my headphones on every Tuesday, I knew it was “me” time and I was going to learn something great to both help heal myself and others.I was able to stop drinking diet sodas. I have been addicted for 25 years. I underwent Panchakarma this year and I felt a complete difference to my system.  My skin improved. My psoriasis improved. My energy level went up.  I still enjoy the treatments. Little steps are making a big difference in my life overall.I’m keeping the doors open for new opportunities to see what this experience will bring me. I still continue to practice allopathic ob/gyn with an ayu twist.  I do plan to continue my studies in Ayurveda. I highly recommend this course.

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