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Tracy Adkins

Mother of 5 Girls, NP and owner of, Current AHC Intern and AP Student

I first met Patricia four years ago for an Ayurvedic consultation. I had no idea what Ayurveda even was, but I was referred by a good friend and, being a life-long health-nut, I was excited to see what it was all about. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. I went through Panchakarma soon after my first visit, and I think it would be fair to say my life was transformed. A large part of the experience was with whom I experienced it with: Patricia. She epitomizes honesty, sincerity, dignity, and compassion. I know this had much to do with my incredible outcome. From then I pursued Ayurvedic education on my own, through Patricia’s guidance (she had not set up her school yet). This continued and I slowly integrated lifestyle modifications into my family’s routine (which is now so commonplace in our home, even our 5 kids, ages 5-15, don’t remember life without knowing their doshas!). When Radiant Living Online School of Ayurveda became a reality, it was a no-brainer for me to join. I think one of the best things I can say is this: you can seek and find education for any specialty anywhere and get it. What you are not guaranteed, however, is a teacher with integrity, passion, wisdom, experience, patience, acceptance, “realness,” and love. Patricia embodies all that Ayurveda is and this is expressed in her teaching, lessons, guidance, and commitment to her students.  She is fierce about abiding by the standards set forth by NAMA and makes certain we are all aware of our expectations while still guiding us through the process. She will forever be a loving mentor and friend to me and all her students, as her mission is clearly to educate and care for everyone, and make Ayurveda accessible to everyone!

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